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Not sure how the pawn process works and if pawing is the right this for you. Here are some FAQ's that might help.

How does a pawn work?
A pawn means you’re exchanging something of value for a collateral loan. At Chuck’s we lend money on items of value ranging from gold and diamond jewelry, musical instruments, televisions/electronics, power tools, appliances, heating and air conditioning units, certain household items, firearms, and much more. When a customer pays back the loan, their merchandise is returned to them. A customer may also choose to surrender your collateral as payment in full. At Chuck’s, we may offer extensions/renewals as warranted.

Why would someone go to a pawnbroker to get a loan?

At Chuck’s we offer a quick, convenient and confidential way to borrow money. A short-term cash loan can be granted with no credit check or legal consequences if the loan is not repaid. Pawn loans do not cause people to overextend credit or go into bankruptcy.

How much should I expect for a loan on my item?

Loan amounts vary according to the value of the item. There is no minimum dollar amount allowed on a pawn transaction. Your loan amount will be determined according to other factors as well such as demand and condition of the item. 

How do you determine the value of the item?
We base the value of your item on current appraised value, its current condition and the ability to sell the item. Pawnbrokers use research tools that they have at their disposal to determine an item’s value and get you the most money for the item. The appraisal process varies depending on the type of item—for example, jewelry is evaluated differently than a DVD player. All items that pawn shops buy or pawn are tested to ensure that it works properly.

How can I be sure the merchandise I purchase at a pawn store isn’t stolen?

We send a list of all the serial numbers to the police department. If an item is showing as stolen, the police department pick up the item and charge the guilty party. 

Are pawnshops regulated?

Yes, Pawnbrokers are governed by all of the major federal laws that apply to entities designed as financial institutions. The federal laws that regulate the pawn industry are Patriot Act, Truth in Lending Act, Equal Credit Opportunity Act, as well as Data Privacy and Safeguard of consumer information as part of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Rules. At Chuck’s, we also deal in firearms, thus we are regulated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). 

What if I lost my ticket?

You should contact us immediately to put a hold on your item. You will be able to get your item out with proper identification.


Can I get an item out for a friend?

Yes, you can get an item (excluding firearms)  out for a friend if you have the original ticket and your I.D.

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