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Catch What The Vibe Is All About!

Vibe is America’s fastest growing fishing Kayak company – and with good reason!

The lineup of Vibe Kayaks is bold, functional, not to mention STYLISH! Good looks and affordability, who can beat that?

Vibe Kayaks range in different sizes and lengths. The Sea Ghost series 130 has an extra wide hull for unmatched stability. The Yelllowfin tandem has plenty of room for 2 passengers and even more room for storage. The Maverick series features a no-flex deck and offers superior maneuverability. The smaller Skipjack series is a perfect introductory kayak.

Vibe owners have been very complimentary of their new purchase with comments ranging from: “I challenge anyone to find a better kayak in this price range,” to “there is no need to pay hundreds more for an excellent fishing kayak, your search stops here,” to “the kayak is stable and rides evenly, love it!”

Vibe Kayaks Offer Stunning Design & Affordability

Chuck’s features a full line of Vibe Kayaks is all of the series mentioned above. We offer 90 days same as cash and we’re certain you’ll love your Vibe Kayak!


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