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Lump Charcoal Offers A Better Burn

With the evolution of new products designed for the grilling and smoking enthusiast, there has also been wide array of lump charcoal choices to hit the marketplace.

Lump charcoal is made from wood that has been fired into charcoal. Most grill or pit masters prefer to use lump charcoal over charcoal briquettes for smoking because it’s 100% natural with no additives or fillers, thus providing a cleaner burn and better flavor.

Charcoal is the best choice when you have limited time to start a fire for grilling because it lights faster than briquettes and will produce hot glowing coals in just a few minutes. It burns longer so you use less.

Lump charcoal also gives you the flexibility (by controlling your air vents) to produce a hot temperature for searing or the option for the low-and-slow cooks like ribs and chicken.

At Chuck’s, we’re proud to carry Fogo Super Premium and Premium Hardwood Lump Charcoal. Fogo has been rated number one by several experts in the pit/grilling field because it lights quickly, burns hotter/longer, and has a delicious oaky flavor. The premium charcoal is passed through screens to separate small pieces and dust. Only the best pieces make it into every bag and onto your grill.

Another product you’ll find at Chuck’s is Big Green Egg’s 100% Natural Lump Charcoal which contains only 100% natural American oak and hickory “ultra premium” hardwood. This charcoal is easy to light and is usually ready to cook in about 10 minutes. Plus, it burns hotter and more efficiently, with more BTUs, than charcoal briquettes.

Most importantly, food tastes better, without harsh chemicals or odors that can be released when cooking with briquettes or other similar products.

Come check out our selection of lump charcoal at Chuck’s. Because we buy in bulk quantities, we are always able to offer our customers the absolute lowest prices!

Get top quality lump charcoal from Fogo and Big Green Egg at Chuck's!


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