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Full Service Archery Does It All!

As the new season approaches, It's a great feeling to get that brand new bow for Bow Season. But, is it really the right bow for you? At Chuck's, we feature a Full Service Archery Department which means your bow will be customized specifically for you. that means when you leave the store, your bow will be ready for top-notch performance in the field!

There are three main categories that make Chuck's a Full Service Archery Department: Set-up, Tuning, and Maintenance. Chuck's Archery & Bow expert Johnny Sanders knows each category is equally important for maximum performance, starting with the set-up. "All draw lengths are different, we fit things to the individual: that includes the height of the peep sights to the poundage you're comfortable pulling. It really is a customized set-up," Sanders says.

Chuck's also employs a paper tuning system to tune each bow. Sanders adds: "paper tuning tells us how the air is coming off the bow." Finally, once the bow is set-up and tuned, the next important step according to Sanders is to maintain your bow. Chuck's offers several steps in the maintenance process including re-tuning your bow and changing the strings.

If you're shopping for a new bow, Chuck's stocks a full-line of Compound Bows from the top manufacturers like: Mathews, Obsession, Bow Tech, Hoyt, and PSE. You can also find Cross Bows at Chuck's like: Ravin, Ten Point, Parker, Carbon Express, and Excalibur. There's also plenty of arrows and accessories you'll find in our extensive Archery department.

Don't stop by just purchasing a new bow, make sure you're ready with the perfect bow with a tune-up at Chuck's!

At Chuck's, Johnny Sanders will make sure your bow is ready!


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